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Consulting Services (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Situation Assessment

Healthy Rhythm Consulting staff have performed situation assessments in California, Massachusetts, Ohio and Kazakhstan. Strategic health planning for musicians on tour and their crew includes an assessment of the environment within which touring occurs. The very definition of strategic health planning stresses the importance of focusing on one's health and well-being while on the road within the context of an ever-changing environment. Having the appropriate skill set to assess one's health needs at any given time and being proactive in responding to those needs will help determine which musicians are most effective in using their resources and, ultimately, who survives in the fast-paced world of the music industry.

Project Design

Healthy Rhythm Consulting aims to design effective, client driven responses to general and specific health issues that touring musicians and their crew encounter while traveling on the road.

Project Implementation

Healthy Rhythm Consulting works with existing agencies and structures within the music industry to effectively implement culturally specific health promotion strategies that mirror the principles of harm reduction theory and practice.

Harm Reduction Education & Training

Harm reduction refers to a public health concept of lowering the health consequences resulting from certain behaviors. Healthy Rhythm Consulting works with touring musicians and their crew to improve their understanding of harm reduction philosophy and practice, to build the skills necessary to implement harm reduction strategies and to strengthen harm reduction leadership within the music industry.

Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Healthy Rhythm Consulting staff have monitored and evaluated health promotion and disease prevention projects in Ohio, California, Massachusetts and Kazakhstan. Staff measure a project's impact based on planned and desirable objectives and also work to assess each project on the basis of the foreseen and un-foreseen effects it will have on touring musicians, their crew and the music industry. Monitoring site visits and evaluation forms are an integral part of all programs implemented by Healthy Rhythm Consulting staff.