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HEALTHY RHYTHM CONSULTING (HRC) is made up of a small group of highly skilled individuals who work to improve the health and well-being of individuals and populations by reducing or eliminating drug-related harm, and associated health issues, using scientifically sound, state-of-the-art, Harm Reduction practices. HRC team members are based in Colorado, California, Tennessee, and New York, with backgrounds in the fields of Public Health, Anthropology, Social Work, Medicine, and Clinical Psychology. HRC consultants have over 100 years of combined academic and practical experience.

Feel free to message HRC at our Facebook page, HEALTHY RHYTHM CONSULTING AGENCY or send an email to healthyrhythm [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested in learning more about what HRC has to offer. We look forward to woking with you!


HEALTHY RHYTHM CONSULTING (HRC) works to improve individual and group health and well-being by utilizing scientifically sound, state-of-the-art, Harm Reduction practices. HRC does this by implementing and maintaining new and existing strategies to decrease the harm(s) associated with substance use/abuse, and associated health concerns, while working to ensure the highest quality of health and social services for people most in need.


KENNETH A. VAIL - Montrose, CO - Ken Vail, MPH, MA, is the Owner and Lead Consultant at HEALTHY RHYTHM CONSULTING (HRC). While HRC began formal operations in 2005, Vail has worked independently, as well as with globally recognized organizations/institutions, since 1993 to perform Rapid Needs Assessments in California, Massachusetts, Ohio and Kazakhstan (Central Asia). He has 27 plus years of academic and practical experience in the fields of Public Health, Cultural and Medical Anthropology, and Direct Service Provision. Much of Ken Vail's work has centered on designing, implementing, and evaluating comprehensive services for people most impacted by Drug Use, Opioid Overdose, Viral Hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS. Vail's comprehensive training in Public Health and Social Sciences theory and practice provide him with the knowledge, skills, and training, to work in multiple areas of illness+disease and health+well being. Of particular interest are his strong accomplishments in Program Integration, Program Management and Staff Supervision, Program Development, Evaluation and Grant Writing. Ken Vail also has extensive experience as a Harm Reduction Educator and Crisis Intervention Specialist. With almost three decades of Public Health and Social Service work experience, Vail has gained a thorough understanding of different barriers facing multiple populations, as well as viewed firsthand the social, structural, and environmental factors that prevent many people from becoming healthy and productive members of society. He is deeply committed to implementing and maintaining new and existing strategies to decrease the harm caused by substance use/abuse and associated health concerns, and ensuring the highest quality of health and social services for people most in need. Ken Vail is an expert consultant who stays abreast of current matters, who understands the importance of communication, who strives to earn 100% buy-in, and who will do what it takes to achieve total success. He received an MA in Medical Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University, an MPH from Boston University School of Public Health, and a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California Santa Cruz.

KELLY DALZELL GALLAUGHER - San Francisco Bay Area, CA - Kelly Dalzell Gallaugher, MSW, ASW, is a social worker and is the current Program Coordinator for Project Welcome Home (Pay for Success) at Abode Services in San Jose, California. Since 2003, Mrs. Dalzell Gallaugher has worked in multiple settings with diverse populations as a Lead HIV Specialist, Case Manager, Medical Case Manager, Forensic Case Manager, and Rehabilitation Counselor/Housing Support Liaison. Her specialties include Harm Reduction Theory and Practice, HIV and HCV Education, Prevention and Case Management, Incarceration Issues, Mental Health, Human Sexuality, Active Substance Use, LGBT Community, Homelessness/Marginally Housed, Sex Work, Underserved, and Multi-level Collaboration. Kelly received her BA in Social Work from Chico State University and her Master of Social Work (MSW) at San Jose State University.

BARRY D. ZEVIN - San Francisco Bay Area, CA - Barry Zevin, MD, is a physician with the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) who specializes in Internal Medicine. He has worked with the homeless and impoverished people in downtown San Francisco for 25 plus years. Dr. Zevin is Medical Director of SFDPH's Homeless Outreach Team, and he is affiliated with the Tom Waddell Urban Health Clinic and the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. He balances care for the marginalized by working both in direct care and in policy work. Dr. Zevin received his MD from Temple University.

SAMUEL A. MACMASTER - Hendersonville, TN - Sam MacMaster, Ph.D, is is Co-founder of JourneyPure treatment facilities and serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer. He has more than 25 years of experience in addiction treatment and is a nationally recognized thought leader in the industry. As CCO, he is responsible for development of the clinical tools approach JourneyPure uses in operations, including Staff Training Programs, Development and Implementation of Clinical Programming, Quality Assurance Systems and Outcomes Measurement Systems. He also contributes to recruiting key personnel for each center and development of Policies and Procedures, as well as collaborating with teammates in Licensure and Accreditation activities. Throughout his career, Dr. MacMaster has provided consultative services to many of the most prestigious addiction treatment providers in the U.S. and has served in formal consultative engagements focused on outcome measurement for addiction treatment center companies and single operations, drug courts and similar recovery programs. He has conducted numerous research studies and demonstration projects regarding the efficacy of various addiction treatment service approaches. He has published three books and more than 60 peer-reviewed articles focused on addiction and addiction treatment. Dr. MacMaster has significant clinical experience as a therapist and counselor in numerous addiction treatment settings. He earned his PhD in Social Welfare and a Master of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University.

JOHN PASAGIANNIS - New York, NY - John Pasagiannis, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in New York City. He has worked in various capacities in the field of Psychology, including, Program Director, where he managed a $500K budget for SAMHSA-funded adolescent research and clinical intervention program (Youth Dares), Adjunct Professor, and Psychologist with NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Pasagiannis is a Behavioral Consultant with La Palestra, a multidisciplinary team consisting of mental health, medical, physical therapy, exercise, and nutritional health providers, and is Supervising Psychologist at The Center for Optimal Living and Adelphi University's Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies. Dr. Pasagiannis' areas of specialty include Individual and Group Psychotherapy (Adolescents and Adults), Couples and Family Psychotherapy, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders, Mood Disorders, Personality Issues, Substance Use Issues, Trauma, LGBT Issues, Adjustment Issues, Working with Artists, Crisis Management, Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He received his BA in Psychology from Hunter College and his MA in Psychology and his PhD in Clinical Psychology at Adelphi University.


:: Harm Reduction Coaching ::

HRC consultants provide short-term, interim, and long-term Harm Reduction coaching activities for individuals in diverse settings.

:: Harm Reduction Education & Training ::

HRC consultants work with diverse entities to improve their understanding of Harm Reduction philosophy and practice, to build culturally-appropriate skills, and to identify Harm Reduction leadership.

:: Situation Assessments ::

HRC consultants conduct client-centered Situation Assessments for people most impacted by substance use/abuse, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, overdose, and other health and social issues.

:: Design + Implement + Integrate ::

HRC consultants design and implement custom Harm Reduction strategies and multi-service projects and programs, and conduct multi-level systems integration.

 :: Monitor + Evaluate ::

HRC consultants measure impacts based on planned objectives and assess each impact based on foreseen and un-foreseen effects. Site visits and custom evaluation forms are an integral part of M+E.