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HEALTHY RHYTHM ART GALLERY was born out of more than 10 years of late night coffeehouse talks between Ken Vail and concert photographer, Jimmy Lang. Vail and Lang envisioned a space where people could enjoy delicious coffee, listen to good music, and, primarily, where artists could display and sell their artwork. So, where did the Gallery first take roots? Fairfield, Texas, a town of approximately 3,000 people right in the middle of the Bible Belt in Central Texas. Why Fairfield, Texas? Well, Vail moved from Boston in July 2010 to help his brother take care of their mom during the last years of her life. He had no plans of opening a business. Vail wanted to continue writing his memoirs about his previous non-profit work and life experiences. However, when he saw the beautiful 40 foot wide by 20 foot high brick wall at 125 S. Mount Street, years of conversations with Lang came together and he knew this was the place for his and Lang's dream to take hold. Vail discussed the idea of a multifunctional art gallery with Lang, his brother, and a few close friends, and, in September 2010, decided to lease 125 S. Mount. A month later, he expanded to 127 S. Mount. Key people in Fairfield's art and business community warmly invited Vail. And on November 12, 2010, the real journey began. For almost 5 years, Vail helped art and music lovers, the young and the young-at-heart, transform this small Texas town into a "hot spot" for local, national, and international artists and musicians. In July 2015, Vail relocated Healthy Rhythm Art Gallery to beautiful Montrose, Colorado, and is currently in the process of enhancing and expanding business operations. Vail and a small cadre of "true believers" think a clear vision, BIG DREAMS, "smart work", tenacity, and patience are key to Healthy Rhythm's success. We invite you to stay tuned as the journey continues.  See :: Think :: Believe!


DAVID S. HOLLOWAY, Atlanta, Georgia, Inaugural Exhibition, "Walking With Giants", Photojournalist, Turner/CNN & Getty Images | The Gallery's Inaugural Exhibition featured photographs of Holloway's 21-day tour with the Harlem Globetrotters at military bases in the Middle East and aboard an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf :: BILL PUTNAM, Silver Spring, Maryland, Exhibition 2, "Military Portraiture", Photojournalist, DIMO | Exhibition 2 featured thirty-five black and white portraits of various military personnel, spanning four wars :: NORA CARROLL, Fairfield, Texas, Exhibition 3, "Tri-County Barrel Racers & The Outdoors", Independent Photographer, Self-employed | Exhibition 3 was a month-long photographic showing that included 30 images of Tri-County barrel racers, wildlife and outdoor scenery :: MULTIPLE EXHIBITORS, Freestone County, Texas, Exhibition 4, "Call for Local Artists", Various Employers | Exhibition 4 sprung from a gallery initiated Call for Local Artists. From February to March 2011, diverse works of 17 Freestone County residents were on display at the Gallery. Pieces included, mixed media, woodcarvings, drawings, amateur and professional quality paintings, and a beautiful handmade quilt :: BRAD KLAUSEN, Kingston, Washington, Exhibition 5, "Printing Outside The Margins", Graphic Designer, Artillery Design | Exhibition 5 was a Limited Engagement showing of rock poster art by graphic artist, Brad Klausen. Klausen was in-house graphic designer for the world famous band Pearl Jam for nine years before opening his poster art business, Artillery Design, in 2007. Thirty-three colorful, multidimensional rock posters from Klausen's private collection were displayed at the Gallery from March to July 2011. Klausen was on hand for Opening Night festivities that included a Silent Auction of three highly collectible Pearl Jam posters, a book signing, Q & A session, and a Texas-style cookout :: INAUGURAL YOUTH ART CAMP EXHIBITORS, Freestone County, Texas, Exhibition 6, "Youth Art Initiative", Various Grade Levels | Exhibition 6 featured art created by young people who participated in our two Inaugural Art Camps during the Summer of 2011. Artwork by young folks, 7-13 years of age, was on display at the Gallery from August to September, including drawings, paintings, Found Object Art, mobiles, and polymer clay jewelry :: ALLISON FLOM, NY, NY, Exhibition 7, "Freedom & Unity: The Photographic Images of Allison Flom", Independent Photographer, Fieldston School | Exhibition 7 was a Debut Exhibition of 50 images by 17 year-old photographer, Allison Flom. In this series, Flom explored the coexistence of unity and freedom in everyday life. Some of her photographs contained literal depictions of togetherness or friendship, while others contained symbolic representations of what she believes freedom and unity to be :: WAYNE VEE, Teague, TX, Exhibition 8, "Musical Landscapes: The Paintings of Artist Wayne Vee", Painter | Exhibition 8 consisted of 35 select, original oil paintings by 71 year-old in-house gallery painter, Wayne Vee. Mr. Vee's paintings are grounded in realism and cover multiple areas, including musicians, cowboys and cowgirls, landscapes, outdoor scenery and portraiture. Mr. Vee has been painting for over 60 years and is the current in-house artist at Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery :: PAT O'HARE, Geneva, Switzerland, Exhibition 9, "Here, There And Everywhere", Photographer | Exhibition 9 consisted of 65 select photographs of people, places, and things, from around the world. The exhibition consisted of black and white and color images that unite them in some way, but which also demonstrate the diversity of our world. O'Hare states, "I am not a technician, as I could never get my head around physics and mathematics. But I have a feel for what makes a good photo, and for composition, which I do in the camera" :: SECOND ANNUAL YOUTH ART CAMP EXHIBITORS, Freestone County, Texas, Exhibition 10, "Youth Art Initiative", Various Grade Levels | Exhibition 10 featured various artwork created by young people who participated in our Second Annual Art Camps during the Summer of 2012. Artwork created by 15 Art Campers, 7-13 years of age, was on display at the Gallery from August 27 through September 27, 2012. Art Camp pieces included paintings, pastel and color marker drawings, sand art, and basic and advanced polymer clay jewelry :: BILL PUTNAM, Washington, D.C., Exhibition 11, "Afghanistan: Varied Experiences", Multi-Media Photographer | Exhibition 11 consists of 60 select photographs documenting Putnam's 2010 work in Paktia Province, Afghanistan, and his 2012-2013 work covering the NATO-led ISAF (International Security Force Assistance) military transition in and around Camp Leatherneck in the volatile Helmand, Province, Afghanistan :: BERNARD (BERNIE) LIEVING, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Exhibition 12, "The Path of Most Resistance", Multi-Media Artist | Exhibition 12 consisted of 60+ select paintings and Mixed Media pieces documenting Lieving's lived experiences that impact and/or influence him for "better" or "worse." His multifaceted artwork includes snapshots of life, fettered and unfettered, that represent the artist's path of most resistance :: JORDAN JOHNSON, Montrose, Colorado, Exhibition 13, "Random Acts of Artfulness", Painter & Sketch Artist | Exhibition 13 was a 45-day showing that consisted of 30 original caricature paintings based on sketchbook material that is heavily influenced by the likes of Jim Henson, Dr. Seuss, and Salvador Dali :: REBECCA FOLSOM, Boulder, Colorado, Exhibition 14, "Garden Of The Heart", Painter, Poet, Musician | Exhibition 14 is a 60-day showing that consists of 8 original floral and metaphysical paintings that are an homage to the passing of the artist's mother, Margaret Mary Clough, a feisty Irish woman whose very soul was dedicated to creating things of beauty and grace. JACOB RAAB, No Name, Colorado, Exhibition 15, "NEVER EVER STOP :: Photography by Jacob Raab", Musician, Photographer, Adventurer | Exhibition 15 is a 60-day solo inaugural exhibition of Adventure Photography that consists of 70 Fine Art prints which are a collection of Jacob's images from the Road, with an emphasis on the Alpine realms of the U.S. and Peru.